This dispersion makes invisible and neutralizes the memory of the struggles and resistances of people and groups of activists, while generating exhaustion in the search to gather information to document facts, act on certain strategies of struggle, build agendas to generate regulations and public policy around the construction of dignified lives.

Having information not only provides knowledge, but power as Michel Foucault points out. And the meaning of power is linked to the ability to disseminate certain knowledge that maintains the status quo, lethargic critical thinking that generates disruptive actions to that order.

The greater the dispersion of data, the more difficult it is to articulate the understanding of LGBT* people, the ability to understand their problems, their needs, their exclusions and their desires.

Thus, BETWEEN LGBT* starts with regard to the following reflection of Judith Butler:

The bodies on the street redeploy the space of appearance in order to contest and negate the existing forms of political legitimacy – and just as they sometimes fill or take over public space, the material history of those structures also work on them, and become part of their very action, remaking a history in the midst of its most concrete and sedimented artifices. These are subjugated and empowered actors who seek to wrest legitimacy from an existing state apparatus that depends upon the public space of appearance for its theatrical self-constitution. In wresting that power, a new space is created, a new “between” of bodies … and those bodies are seized and animated by those existing spaces in the very acts by which they reclaim and resignify their meanings. (Butler, 2011:n.p.)





This new "between" in the virtual space aims to refute cissexist and heterosexual body orthopedics to remake a coexistence focused on bodily diversity and life stories where the meanings that have remained on the edges of the intelligible can be redefined.






Between LGBT* is the first website that aims to be a space that dynamically hosts and generates political, social and cultural content for consultation that contributes to the various actions in favor of the consolidation of dignified lives for LGBT* people in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Between LGBT* is articulated from quantitatively systematized information on the recognition of the rights of people of sexual and gender diversities; academic, outreach and artistic production of LGBT* people and allies; international human rights instruments in favor of LGBT* persons and the recovery of photographic and audiovisual memory of collective actions for the recognition of rights.